Saturday 3rd February 2024 1400 KO

5 – 0

Divison 7 League Match

Tedburn St Mary Reserves

3rd February 2024
Bradninch 1st 5-0 Tedburn St Mary Reserves 
TSM Reserves showed up off the back of a well fought point the week before, ready to go against a Bradninch team that narrowly beat us in the home fixture.
As the game gets underway, we soon realise that we were up against it. Very early on the home side get a comfortable lead of 3-0. TSM reserves worked hard to hold them off until half time. 
Half time 3-0
10 minutes or so into the 2nd half Bradninch should have been down to 10 men, when our interim centre mid Harrison took quite literally, a leg bending challenge from the oppositions winger. 
TSM Reserves held their ground and managed to hold off Bradninch until the 70 minute when Bradninch unfortunately scored their 4th and 5th goal of the game. This concluded a very disappointing day for the reserves. 
Starting line up
Jack Tucker,
Harry Saunders (C),
Scott Reinke,
Connor O’Sullivan,
Henry Armin,
Will Bastin,
Harrison Ware,
Matt Lewis,
Sam Taylor,
Corey Ringer,
Keiran Seatherton
Sam Drew,
George English,
Rich Carter,
Eric Jones
M.O.T.M: Harrison Ware; For putting 110% into everything he done whilst playing out of position 
D.O.T.D: Full squad effort; For switching on far too late into the game