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 Saturday 20th April 2024 1500 KO


Divison 7 League Match

Tedburn St Mary 2nds

Once again, the sun shone down, onto South Zeal’s pitch. TSM Reserves set up ready for an important game in the battle to stay in Division 7.
First half kicked off and TSM Reserves couldn’t pick up any sort of momentum during the first 20 minutes as we struggled to adjust to the South Zeal home pitch. Passes fell short and tackles were not quite coming off. We gained a bit of confidence through a couple of chances, one of which was inches from crossing the line, but the home side keeper managed to pounce on it just in time.
With chance after chance not being taken from both sides, we managed to hold South Zeal to 0-0 going into the break.
Coming out for the 2nd half, both teams continued to battle hard for that opportunity to get ahead. Tedburn St Mary Reserves just didn’t seem to have luck on their side. A shot from South Zeal fell into the hands of our goal keeper and with a slight mis-grip the ball fell back to the ground. With South Zeal’s number 9 slipping past our defenders’, he slotted the ball straight into the net; South Zeal 1, TSM Reserves 0.
As the 2nd half continued, tired legs started to sink in with our CB scrambling on the floor to try and clear the ball, South Zeal striker saw an opportunity to get a penalty here, with a successful dive he got one. Our GK did his best but ultimately got sent the wrong way from the spot putting South Zeal further in the lead.
This unfortunately set the tone for the rest of the game. Tedburn St Mary Reserves had given everything they had to try and get back into the game, but we just couldn’t get there. South Zeal seized the opportunity to punish TSM Reserves with a shot going over the top of TSM Reserves defence and despite the shouts of both the ressies and the crowd, our lino wasn’t having any of it. Thus, making it South Zeal 3-0 TSM Reserves.
Our relegation battle now becomes a tiny bit harder as we look to face the top 2 sides in our final games of the season, we have no doubt that our lads will show up and give every last ounce of fight. Onto the next one, up the Teds!
A thank you to The Kings Arms, South Zeal for a lovely spread off food for the lads after the game.
Starting line up:
Sam Drew,
Connor O’Sullivan,
Rich Carter,
Scott Reinke,
Dale Bastin,
Harrison Ware,
Joe Cochran,
Jay Hedricks,
Will Bastin,
George Pavey,
Sam Taylor
Curtis Rourke,
George Matthews,
Josh Rowe

D.O.T.D: Jay Hedricks- For admitting only one of the South Zeal players was offside, for their final goal (It was the goal scorer that was off) and I have decided to share the honour with myself, Dale the manager. For making Jay run the line with what we have now found out was a broken finger, from a challenge he received earlier on in the game. Well done for continuing the game!

M.O.T.M: Richard Carter- For a solid shift with blinding tackles.