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Saturday 27th April 2024 15:00 KO

Tedburn St Mary Reserves


Division 7 League Match

Uplowman United 1st

As the Ressies are still fighting for their safety from relegation, we were up against a side looking to secure the league title. Everyone knew it would be the toughest game that we have had this season and it was certainly one to watch!

Instant determination flooded the pitch as kick off came, with both teams wanting those vital 3 points. The battle began in the centre of the pitch as our centre 3 held themselves well against Uplowman 1st. With our Captain Danny finally back in the team, Will and Jon showing composure as they cut out passes trying to push the ball up to our strikers. As the flow of the game went on Uplowman started picking up the pace with chance after chance, however Sam and our experienced back line of Rich Scott and Elric denying them an opener.

We started to create chances ourselves with Phil and Dom testing the keeper, but none were quite beating the Uplowman No 1. As the half continued Uplowman applied the pressure an slowly found a way through and into the goal, beating Sam giving them the 1-0 lead.

TSM Reserves never game up for a second and didn’t let this discourage them as we pressed the league leaders forcing them to give us a corner ball. With the momentum in the Ressies favour, Connor found himself with the ball at his feet just inside the final third after a poor clearance, he took a touch and pinged the ball back into the 18 yard box falling to Danny stevens who had time to take a touch and slide it under the keeper, putting us level 1-1.

Uplowman underestimated us again as we fought hard keeping them at 1 all. Luck seemed to be on Uplowman’s, coming from a corner with some tussling in the box, the ball came in bouncing off the back of the strikers’ head and into the net, putting Uplowman 2-1 as the whistle blew for half time.

Although we were down by a goal, spirits were high as we set up for the 2nd half. We pick up right where we left off; battling hard showing the opposition we were not going to let them off without a fight. With 20 minutes gone tired legs started to show and a tactical change in Luke and George coming on for Jon and Dom proved to be a genius move from the gaffer, as shortly after, the fresh duo linked up with a ball into the box from George falling to Skinner and punting it into the goal putting us level again 2-2.

We held the league leaders at 2 all until 8 minutes left, we just couldn’t beat the fatigue and a misplaced pass was pounced upon by the uplowman winger who used his fresh legs and sheer pace to get 1:1 against Sam who couldn’t keep the ball out, 3-2 Uplowman.

With just minutes left TSM Reserves never gave up for a second however it was Uplowman who sealed the victory with a last-minute goal ending the game 4-2. Congratulations to Uplowman on their title victory, we wish them all the best in the season to come, they are a very good team and will certainly not stop at Division 7 title.

Nothing can be taken away from the Reserves as once again, they showed true passion and hard work with everyone giving there all. We go onto our final game of the season against Exeter University.


Attendance 20

Starting line up:

Sam Drew

Harrison Ware

Elric Flint

Scott Reinke 

Richard Carter

Connor O’Sullivan

Danny Stevens (C)

Will Bastin

Jon Newman

Phil Greenslade

Dom Cochran


Luke Skinner

George Pavey

George Matthews

Eric Jones

Archie Blaine

D.O.T.D: Dale Fowler (Manager)- For falling over matrix style trying to catch a ball during the warm up, despite the gaffer pouring blood, sweat and tears into running the side, they have all turned against him in the vote for this title.

M.O.T.M: Sam Drew- For an excellent performance in the sticks and keeping the Teds in the game!