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Monday 1st April 2024 2pm KO


Geary Cup

Tedburn St Mary 1st

After months of this cup tie game being postponed due to the awful weather, we have finally managed to get the game on as we hosted Bradninch at their own ground.

It comes to kick off and TSM Reserves have a ropey start as they struggled to adjust to the brutal home ground of Bradninch 1st. With some sloppy passes and simple mistakes, it wasn’t too long before Bradninch got the opener 0-1 down. TSM Reserves started to pick up and switched on 20 or so minutes into this half and although missing a few chances from open play, it was a well delivered corner from George Pavey into Dom Cochran who guided it in with the top of his head giving us the equaliser. As the ground got wetter, the challenges got rougher and we went into the half time break 1-1.

We kicked off for the 2nd half and we got right back into the thick of it, with both teams battling hard to get in front. 10 minutes in and a rocket shot got the better of Sam Drew as he couldn’t quite get enough on it flew into the top corner putting Bradninch ahead TSM Reserves 1-2 Bradninch 1st.

As this half went on Tedburn still had fire in their belly as Tim Lucking thought he would repay the favour and from just inside the opposition’s half lofted a ball in and over the top of the keeper, TSM Reserves 2-2 Bradninch and after a questionable celebration from the scorer we got back into it. The game was getting into later stages and with only being on the pitch minutes Kieran Seatherton slots in a goal after a lovely through ball from George Pavey but it was called offside, not sure what the lino was thinking as everyone but him could see he was miles onside.

With just minutes to go you could see both teams battling hard to get through to the next round as play was getting scrappy but with all but a minute to go, we had 1 last chance to take this win with a corner ball.

Kieran steps up to take as we flooded the box with players and with a looping ball in, the ball starts pinging around the box with everyone swinging their legs at it trying to put it in and with a controlled bounce of the gut George Pavey gets it across the line for the winner.

Starting line up:

Sam Drew,

Connor O’Sullivan,

Tim Lucking,

Archie Blaine,

Dale Bastin,

Danny Stevens,

Will Bastin,

Joe Cochran,

Gareth Dart,

Dom Cochran,

George Pavey


Jay Hendricks,

Kieran Seatherton,

Jon Newman,

Harrison Ware

M.O.T.M: George Pavey- For another outstanding performance up top and scoring the winner

D.O.T.D: Couldn’t be decided so if in doubt give it to Jack Tucker, he wasn’t at the game but probably did something to deserve it