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Saturday 30th March 2024 3pm KO


Divison 7 League Match

North Tawton

 With our pitch still not playable we hosted the game at North Tawton.

 Kick off, 3 or 4 minutes into the half we broke through the North Tawton back line, a looping cross from George Pavey found the foot of Kieran Seatherton, who tapped it across the line putting us 1-0 up early doors. Our celebrations were short lived though as North Tawton returned the favour with a rocket going into the top corner just beating the young keeper, Lewis Leyton. The half continued and with some cracking saves from Lewis and some last ditch defending but we couldn’t hold the opposition off as they slotted another making it 2-1 to North Tawton going into the half time break.

The 2nd half kicked off and we struggled to get momentum back, even though we had some solid defending from Dale Bastin, Scott Reinke and Harry Saunders we couldn’t keep them out as they scored a 3rd in the game TSM Reserves 1-3 North Tawton.

The half went on but we never gave up as we started to pick up the pace again, with good play and threatening attacks on goal we just couldn’t finish our chances.  It took substitute Archie Blaine to come on and grab the ball in the last 3rd and with a looping shot (his words) to lob the keeper putting us back in the game TSM Reserves 2-3 North Tawton.

The opposition started to get nervous and with some clever time wasting and scrappy defending they clinched the win on what was a very good game to watch. Well done to North Tawton.


Starting line up:

Lewis Leyton,

Connor O’Sullivan,

Dale Bastin,

Scott Reinke,

Harry Saunders,

Josh Rowe,

Joe Cochran,

Will Bastin,

Kieran Seatherton,

Sam Taylor,

George Pavey



George English,

James Webster,

Jon Newman,

Jay Hendricks,

Archie Blaine

M.O.T.M: Split between Dale Bastin- For outstanding defending and George Pavey- For another decent performance, well done boys

D.O.T.D: James Webster- For on his debut whilst being 3-2 down, not being a natural striker started running around screaming ” they don’t want this smoke”